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Career Centers

EHired provides an industry first, U.S. Department of Education recognized accredited digital platform developed to serve students, job seeking candidates, and staff. EHired bridges the gap between career services personnel and candidates, creating a true professional partnership, leading to increased job placement outcomes reported to all key stakeholders.

Features Include:

  • Automated employment opportunities aligned to students' and clients' credentials, experience, and program of study.
  • Point and click resume builder.
  • Stakeholder compliance reports.
  • Real-time notifications for all student and job seeker employment engagement.
  • Nationally accredited.
  • One-click job applications.

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Graduates and Job Seekers

For graduates and job seekers, EHired proprietary software directly connects graduates and job seekers to government and private employment job boards and database systems.

  • Daily targeted emails with employment opportunities.
  • Point and click resume development.
  • Professional online employment profile.
  • Mobile application with job mapping.

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EHired provides employers the ability to quickly and efficiently post jobs, search candidates and directly communicate with educational institutions' pool of graduates.

  • Free unlimited nationwide job postings.
  • Free unlimited candidate search and resume downloads.
  • Job seeker resumes emailed weekly.
  • Integration with CRM and ATS platforms.
  • One-click application interface for your job postings.

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