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Located in the United States, WWW.EHired.EDU is the only SaaS vendor of educational services specifically developed for employment support and digital career service applications recognized as Accredited by a United States Department of Education (USDOE) accrediting agency Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Education (MSA-CESS). EHired currently provides student to employment transition and career support software services to over 200 educational institution campuses as well as public, private and government organization representing over one hundred thousand students and job seekers.

Developed in 2015, to address the ever-growing need for accountability within education and government workforce initiatives as it pertains to successful student and job seeker employment outcomes. EHired remotely provides job seekers with daily job leads, resumes, and professional online employment profiles. EHired employs proprietary software that utilizes the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) ONET-Online API to provide job leads and resumes that precisely align students/job seekers skills, talents and credentials with specific and appropriate employment opportunities based on the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) corresponding designation.

As an organic evolution from, and as complement to our academic foundation, employers are provided with EHired platform access, with communication and search functionality of potential students and candidates by skills, talents, credentials and location. Central to Accountability and transparency institutional and government agency stakeholders with EHired have the ability to receive real-time notifications of all job search activity of their students and job seekers including any jobs students viewed or engaged, student resume changes and modifications, as well as notification when any employers reach out to any candidates. Additionally, EHired allows students and job seekers the opportunity through a dedicated training portal to pursue stackable educational credentials related to their primary degree or credentials for students and based off work experience for general population job seekers.

Finally, EHired stores and archives for clients access all pertinent data related to a student's / job seekers activity including, jobs engaged, jobs viewed, employers name, date of job opportunity and any reported employment status.

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