Shari Rossino

Shari has accumulated 17 years-experience in post-secondary education and career services in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors of workforce development, with a proven record in rectifying non-compliant educational and job placement outcomes. As a doctoral candidate of St. Joseph's University's IDEPEL program and practitioner of successful student placement methodologies, she is recognized as a change-agent in assisting schools and workforce agencies deliver positive reportable outcomes.
Her journey began in early 2005 when she enrolled in a local Medical Billing course not long after enduring a company lay-off within the financial industry. Seeking to transition to an industry that would provide long-term, stable professional growth, and after careful research, Shari was awarded a training grant for an accelerated Medical Office Management program. Soon after program completion, she was hired by the very school she attended as a student to teach while simultaneously commencing studies in the Executive MBA program at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. After enjoying a year in the classroom, she was promoted to oversee campus career services operations and placement. It was during this time, Shari met Frank Whelan, founder of and ASI Career Institute, where she taught adjunct courses in Medical Billing and Career Development. Following her three-year tenure working at her alumni institution, Shari went on to contribute in various roles in three other organizations, including as an Academic Dean and Regional Career Services Director.
This chapter ended when Shari relocated to Richmond, VA upon the birth of her second child as well as upon completion of her doctoral coursework in 2015. Once settled in Richmond, she shifted from for-profit education career services to nonprofit workforce development, overseeing job placement and retention programs with Goodwill Industries of Central and Coastal Virginia. It was there she was able to apply many of the graduate job placement methods that drew success in postsecondary education, to the world of workforce development.
As the National Director of Business Development for EHired, Shari is positioned to share her expertise with educational institutions on the national stage while augmenting technology with the student placement life cycle. This formulates a winning combination for academic institutions and its respective student graduates. The opportunity to join EHired came during the height of the COVID pandemic, which has proven to be a perfect match.
Shari is an avid runner, lifelong learner, and volunteer dedicated to helping individuals with barriers achieve their professional goals. As the mother of two she enjoys staying active and living healthy along with her two Jack Russell pups! She has also recently begun exploring the world of obstacle course racing, triathlon, and yoga. Living the mantra living each day to its fullest, Shari's friends and family would say her energy is contagious as well as her optimism. It is simply perspective that makes a life great!