Dr. Glen R. Mort
Vice President, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
Commissions on Elementary & Secondary Schools

A managerial leader and human resources administrator for over 35 years, Dr. Mort is a highly experienced executive educational manager. For well over a decade, Dr. Mort held numerous Human Resources professional positions where he had direct responsibility of Employment, Recruitment, Training & Development, Benefits, Compensation and Labor Relations departments. After his early work in Human Resources, Dr. Mort utilized his Human Resources background and assisted adult students with career and work readiness skills at a Post-Secondary, non-degree granting school. His Regional Director of Career Services position introduced him to school accreditation. Dr. Mort's expertise and passion for school accreditation and continual school improvement propelled him to become a School Director for over fifteen years. In his capacity as School Director, he was the Chief Academic Officer, set the vision for the school, and supervised all faculty, staff and students. Dr. Mort has been affiliated with the Middle States Association for over 16 years. His most recent appointment as Vice President of Accreditation at Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools allows him to work with all 2,600+ member schools in nearly all 50 states nationally and over 115 nations globally on curriculum-based student and organizational capacity objectives and collaborates on the necessity for continual school improvement through accreditation. Dr. Mort holds a Bachelor Degree in Education with a concentration in Elementary & Special Education, along with Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Educational Administration.