Frank Whelan

Frank entered the Education Technology sector as Co-Founder and President of EHired after developing a system for addressing challenges faced in academia and student career services.
In 2006, after being introduced to the post-secondary education sector through a former boss, and unsuccessfully attempting to purchase an already existing school; working from his basement Frank created and launched ASI Career Institute, a proprietary privately owned post-secondary institution. With a mission of stressing "Customer Service" in post-secondary education. From inception to current operations, Frank has developed protocols necessary for initial approvals and continued compliance with all regulatory stakeholders including; United States Department of Education (USDOE), New Jersey Department of Education and Labor (NJDOE/NJDOL) , Middle States Association Commission on Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), as well as NJ Board of Nursing, NJ Radiological Board, NJ Board of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, and US Department of Defense. Frank is proud of the thousands of students who have graduated ASI and credits the team of talented, devoted educators and administration that he has had the pleasure to learn from and work with over the past decade and half, many of whom have been with ASI from the earliest days. From early on ASI has served as the proving ground for EHired features, functionality, and most importantly real-world effectiveness at supporting positive student outcomes. was developed and launched in 2015 as a way to address the career service needs of his school's students and to document the efforts of the ASI staff for regulators and stakeholders. Overseeing day to day operations as well as managing development, strategic collaborations and market share growth, Frank subscribes to the idea that if you surround yourself with smart, amazing passionate, resourceful people and provide them the freedom to be great -- Success is within reach. Awarded accreditation in 2020, matches and delivers over 300 million employment opportunities to students and job seekers representing over 400 institutions.
Frank currently serves as a commissioner with the United States Department of Education (USDOE) accrediting organization Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools MSA-CESS. Frank over the past 11 years frank has served on school visiting teams, completed 2 terms on the Domestic School Advisory Committee (DSAC), as well as participated as speaker and panelist at MSA-CESS functions. Additionally, Frank serves on the Board of Directors of My Sisters Kids, a nonprofit peer support organization whose mission is to support children and families impacted by the death of a parent, sibling or loved one.
Prior to entering the education and technology field Frank was a bartender and college student majoring in chemistry with a physics minor with possible thoughts of a career in research. As time moved forward and life evolved, academics took a back seat to growing family responsibilities and were ultimately replaced with an interest in real estate development and investing culminating with a portfolio of income generating properties. Together for 30 Years, Frank and his wife Jennifer have three children, the oldest daughter a sophomore at West Virginia University, majoring in exercise physiology with a career goal of working in medicine. A daughter in high school who also hopes to continue the family tradition of a career in healthcare and a son in second grade who is passionately pursuing his blue belt in karate. Frank's outside interest include training for and competing in triathlons and endurance races, aviation, scuba, carpentry and traveling to his "happy places" the Adare Manor in Adare, Ireland and the Intercontinental Presidente in Cozumel off the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.